Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. In order to protect your valuable privacy, we provide you with this document explaining our information practices along with the various choices you could make about how your info is collected and used. We want to make this information easily accessible for you. Therefore, we have presented it on our main page, and every place where personal information could be requested.

Google Adsense & DoubleClick DART Cookie

As a third party advertising company, Google uses various cookies to serve all kinds of advertisements on this website. Google uses DART cookies, which enables the company to serve ads to website visitors. These advertisements are based on your visit to the website, and even other websites on the internet.

Cookies make sure you have a better experience on the website, while interacting with numerous elements. We make sure that you have the option to clear cookies, and opt out of the service. As mentioned earlier, we value your privacy, and leave it up to you whether it’s necessary to use cookies or not.

In order to opt out of Google’s DART cookies, you can visit the Google Advertising and Content Network privacy policy. It is available at It is worth mentioning that tracking user activity on the internet through DART cookies is subject to Google’s privacy policies. When you go through this privacy policy, you agree to this condition, and continue using DART cookies at your own risk, without our responsibility and interference.

It is important to understand that some other third party advertisements networks or advertisement servers may also use different types of cookies to track user activity on our website. These cookies help third party vendors measure the effectiveness of their advertisements. Cookies may also be used for other reasons. All the cookies will be governed by the policies regarding to privacy of third party vendors.

It is worth mentioning that does not have any control or access to the cookies used by any third party vendors or advertisers. If you want to know what kind of information is tracked by these cookies, you will have to go through the policies of third party vendors.

We are Committed to Childrens’ Privacy

We completely understand the importance of protecting the privacy of children. Due to this, does not maintain or collect information on the website from people who are under the age of 18. No area on our website has been structured to attract minor of people under the age of 18. Under the Terms of Our Service, people below the age of 18 aren’t allowed to access our website or services.

Collection of Personal Information

When you visit, we will log the IP address you use to access the website. We will also collect the times and dates of access to the website. We don’t share this information with any third parties. This information is just used to analyze various trends, track user movement, administer the website, gather your broad demographic information and other purposes. It’s solely used for internal purposes. It’s worth mentioning that we don’t link your recorded IP addresses to personal information. Once again, your private info is important to us, and we don’t share this information with any third parties.

Links to Any Third Party Websites

When you browse through our website, you will come across some links for your reference and use. We aren’t responsible for any privacy policies mentioned on these websites. It’s important to understand that privacy policies on other websites can differ from this one. Therefore, it’s recommended that you go through the privacy policies individually for a better understanding.

Changes to Our Privacy Statement

Most importantly, the contents and details of this privacy policy may be changed at our discretion at any time without prior notice. We won’t be responsible for your lack of information while using our service or agreeing to any practices carried out by us on the website.

In case you have any questions or queries regarding this privacy policy, you should contact the customer care representatives at You can reach us at MAIL ID. We will be happy to resolve any queries you might have. Our customer care executives are always ready to help.